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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Quick Links to Help you Ward off Classroom Insanity (yours and theirs)

It’s that time again!  Vacation countdown has begun and with that, the corresponding chaos that occurs in all of our lives!  I have a recollection of years ago, kids coming in to class moaning “not another word search!”- one of the special holiday lesson treats we had in line for them!  Well, times have changed and there are lots of learning activities and opportunities to get their attention this last week of school!

Media Literacy
This is the best time of year to examine how toy ads influence children…why not watch some commercials with kids and dissect them.  Check out these lesson ideas and resources from Middle Web .
Speaking of media literacy – is now a good time to delve into the issue of fake news? 

Try these activities out!
Looking for Winter Holiday Lesson Plans and activities?  Try these from NEA.
Want to get their attention?  Watch this video about dividing your attention with your students…sure to amaze them. (Try it...takes just a couple of minutes).
See if your kids can identify these objects that have been magnified?  Can they take their own close up pictures to see if you can identify them?  Your perspective

Some quick links to share with kids to keep the learning going!
I just cannot get enough of the website “The Kids Should See This” – Smart Videos for Curious Minds of All Ages!  There are so many great categories – How things are made – Robots – Orchestras – Poop – something for everyone.  Let them pick a category, show the video and ask what they are curious about!

Take some deep breaths!

Take some time for yourself this holiday to laugh a little, read a juicy novel for fun, recharge with family and show gratitude (yup…apparently that is good for your health in 31 different ways!) 

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