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Friday, October 2, 2015

You Can't Beat Real Face Time!

This morning on the news I saw a video, sure to go viral, of some college girls at a baseball game, each one so absorbed in their phones and taking selfies, not one looked up when the batter had a hit and the crowd roared! 
Looking up and around you, interacting with each other, smiling face-to-face, can enrich your life and improve your ability to reach your students, be they k-12, college or adult learners.  Last summer, I broadened my perspective by visiting classrooms in the slums of Zambia, this summer, I broadened my horizons by spending some quality time with quality educators. 
Real Face Time
I have to thank, ISTE,  NJPAECET2, and Boston CUE Rockstar Camp, NJAMLE Summer Skills Sharpening Event and of course my sponsor, TregoED for giving me the opportunity to share and grow this summer and fall, … but most of all, I have to thank those educators (check out some of my PLC- those involved in #njamle #njpaecet #cuerockstar #njed #edcampNJ) who dedicate their professional time (and a lot of their personal time) sharing so we can offer kids and colleagues the very best we have to give.

Bottom Line
Twitter is a great place to connect and share, but all the twitter chats in the world will never surpass working face to face with people.  Replacing semi-colons and parentheses with real smiles and eye contact activates mind and soul– just ask a dog.  In this day of political ridiculousness, fault finding and mounds of paperwork- gathering with lots of people that are passionate about their profession and the children they touch is rejuvenating, exhilarating, and challenges you to improve on what you do every day.

Head Out
These are just some of the upcoming free or cheap opportunities (these are in my area, but are being replicated all over the nation) to put your devices down and look each other in the eye. 
Conferences put on by professional organizations: 
Edscape, October 17, 2015
Teacher’s conventions:  NJEA Convention – Are you going?  Are you a Middle Level Educator?  Let’s do coffee!  Follow @njamle #coffeeEDU or visit or the NJAMLE table for details!
Edcamps:  EdcampNJ- keeps getting better every year!  Join us on November 21 at Jonathan Dayton High School in Springfield for a day of great conversations, networking opportunities and learning.
And easiest- Walk across the hall, you will be amazed at what your colleagues are doing!
Okay…. so this one is not face to face, but it is a great opportunity to connect in a unique way and learn:
Book Talks:  Edmodo Book Talk: 17,000 Classroom Visits Can't Be Wrong by Antonetti and Garver
The Edmodo Group code is 4thanw  Hosted by Brad Currie and Robert Mullen

Where will you get your next real “face time?”