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Friday, August 21, 2015

5 Great Back-to-School Resources

Have you been in calendar denial all summer? Being prepared helps you feel better about your transition back to work.  Why not take a look at some of these great resources to give your students a jump start for a successful new year?

Did you know that when teachers greeted students at the door, on task behavior in the first ten minutes of class increased from 45% to 75%? (Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 2007).  Sounds like a great simple tip to start the year (or class) off! Greet them with a smile!

Plan A, B or C? Do what's best for your kids

1.      Love this list of 14 Things teachers should never do on the first day, not because I agree with them, but because I like to hear other perspectives! Ask the kids for their perspective and go from there.  (Sounds like a great SCAN lesson to me!)

2.       Larry Ferlazzo has put together a whole collection of Best Resources for Planning the First Days of School which includes everything from icebreakers to developing relationships.

3.       Speaking of developing relationships – How do you get off on the right foot Developing Relationships with Difficult Students?  Check out these four simple strategies to help you forge a positive teacher student relationship.

4.       These activities will help you learn more about your students and Help your Students start off with a Positive Mindset.

5.       NEA provides some great resources from classroom setup to working with parents in their Back to School Guide

The first days of schools are an exciting transition period for all of us!  Unlike your new back-to-school outfit – it costs nothing to get a new first day of school attitude that everyone will enjoy!