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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Getting Connected: A Few of My Favorite Nings

If you are reading this, you are probably already somewhat connected. You may also have heard that August is Connected Educator’s month. So where do you go to connect? Who are you connecting with?

There are literally hundreds of ways for educators to connect with each other. Many educators have ventured onto the big networks – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In addition to these, I love the networks that are more specialized. I am a regular contributing member on a number of Nings. These networks may focus on a subject area or level of education and then drill down deeper into special interest groups. You can even start your own group! Check out the blogs, post questions, share your experiences. Nings are a great way to become a more connected educator!
These are a few of my favorite nings (and yes, I have that Sound of Music song in my head)

"A place to ask questions and get help. A community dedicated to helping you enjoy your work. A cafe without walls or coffee: just friends."

Groups such as "Teach with Technology," Teaching Reading," "Teaching Writing," "Teaching Shakespeare," etc.

“This network is dedicated to connecting social studies educators everywhere.”

Groups: US History Educators, World History Educators, Middle School Social Studies, Social Studies Tools

A network of Mathematics Enthusiasts... Just talking about Mathematics... What do you say?”
Groups: Problem Based Curriculum, Introducing Math Concepts, Developemental math
“Facilitating the use of technology in the classroom.” This is for people interested in helping integrate technology into education in a seemless manner so that technology is a tool that enhances education and does not drive it.
Favorite groups: free for educators, collaborative projects, TIE
"A year round social network for ISTE members and affillitates and groups and Ed leaders"
Fostering new ways of learning using Web 2.0 and global collaborative practices and providing a resource for educators to connect globally”

A new kid-kid-on-the-block- described as “joint professional development better than a course.”

A network for educational leaders! Share your challenges, questions, and solutions with your colleagues.
Start your own group within your staff to increase collaboration!
Looking for more?
Cybraryman, Jerry Blumengarten has a list of other Nings as well as hundreds of other ways to connect!
Where are your favorite places to connect?

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