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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Try something new! Share your success!

Digital Learning Day is right around the corner.  February 1st is the day to celebrate the power of using technology to increase student learning.  At, their goal is to celebrate innovative teachers and instructional technologies.  I am willing to bet if you are reading this, you are an innovative teacher and have lots of instructional technology tricks up your sleeves.  The object is to get everyone, no matter their comfort level, to try something new and celebrate their success!  They have more than 780,000 students participating.  Sign up and be counted!   Do you have a piece of technology or web tool that you learned about and just haven't gotten around to trying it?  Celebrate digital learning day by getting around to it.

Want an easy way to celebrate?
Why not celebrate National Digital Learning day by having your students do a SCAN session with a class from another school?
Here’s all you have to do:
1.  Email me at with your class grade level, number of students participating and approximate time the class meets (classes do not have to be synchronous but it would be fun.).
2.   I will email you a name and password (so you can print out a worksheet and monitor the session), some helpful tips and the URL for your class to use to work on the Cell Phone Controversy scenario (It’s free!).
3.  Assign roles and have your students work through the session on February 1st.
4.  Send the TregoED template press release to showcase your success!
This could be the start of something big! 

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